The session that Sara designed and executed was well thought out and extremely productive.

Crystal Steward-Courtens, Board President
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

Sara broadened our perspective considerably.

Gigi Redmond

Thank you for a wonderful experience, it was great to work with you!

Bethany Wallis, Executive Director
Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

I would not hesitate to recommend Sara's services to another group and will do so in the future when opportunities arise. She is attentive and professional, and I am very pleased we chose to work with her.

Andy Roblee, Board President
Preservation Association of Central New York

I’ve reviewed each document twice. It’s a very thorough and accurate representation, and your recommendations are well supported. We look forward to what lies ahead as we digest this material and begin addressing the opportunities that it identifies. I did not find any issues with content or presentation.

Skip Edie
Cerebral Palsy Association of the North Country

Sara was brought in as a consultant for Believe in Syracuse in the summer of 2018. In our nearly 6 years of existence as an organization, I can think of no more challenging a time for a consultant to join us. She was thrown directly into a situation where our Board of Directors was incredibly divided. Through her work with our Board and myself, she was able to serve as a steadying force, a sounding board for ideas and frustrations, and as a team builder. She led by listening, building relationships and by providing intelligent insight. I would highly recommend her to any organization considering hiring her."

John DeSantis
Believe in Syracuse

Thank you for facilitating a successful strategic planning session! Everyone was very pleased with how the day went. Although a requirement, it was so beneficial. Looking forward to hopefully working with you again in the future.

Danielle Collier
East Hill Family Medical, Inc.

The session Sara designed and executed was well thought out and extremely productive.

Robert Cawley
North Country Behavioral Healthcare Network

During Sara's time at ENABLE now AccessCNY, she was an incredible leader. Her energy and creative thinking was inspiring. Her ability to lead, but get out of the way was crafted so well it was infectious. I would highly recommend her for any position that involved Executive leadership. Despite being extremely busy as the Leader of ENABLE she always took the time to meet or problem solve 1 on 1 with her staff.

David Selover

Sara is a wonderful facilitator and provided invaluable leadership to the central NY region in health planning. Sara would be an asset to any team, project or initiative.

Corey Zeigler
Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Organization

Sara has always been very professional and dedicated to her work. She handles large detailed projects with ease. She also has a great attitude of "how can I help" when approached about community organizing projects. Sara also has a great personality, it makes people feel comfortable right from the start. Her dedication to the CNY community is very evident in her work and is something that we have benefited from for many years. I would be willing to work with Sara on any community project or otherwise, I know the outcome would be a positive one.

John Wikiera
Professional Healthcare Consultant

Sara is a skilled leader with an extremely large network of contacts in the Central New York Region. She is a wealth of knowledge on all matters related to forming and operating 501(c)3 non-profit organizations and building and maintaining relationships with community partners.

Kateri Warner
Rochester Regional Healthcare Association

Three years ago as the new CEO of our organization one priority task was examining the structure of our Family Planning Services program in conjunction with a major hospital in our community. Sara Wall Bollinger was instrumental in guiding us through a very complicated discussion. Additionally, she was coordinating meetings and keeping the discussion on track. We have since called on her services for a vital and multi-sectional RFP. Again, she was the coordinator to ensure a comprehensive and timely application submission. I highly recommend Sara as a organized professional that will assist you regarding defining and facilitating process.

Sharon F. Owens, CEO
South Westside Community Center (SWCC)

Sara is a skilled facilitator and is a study of grace under fire should the discussion move toward more contentious issues. She has an organized approach in all matters and was able to help organize our grant writing team by keeping us on deadline, noting any gaps in our writing and was able to take our various bits and pieces and wordsmith them into a persuasive grant application. I would recommend her heartily for any project.

Jean R. Reilly
Family Planning Services

Sara is an enthusiastic and dynamic leader. My experience with Sara highlighted her incredible talent to strategically plan, problem solve and lead our team effectively by drawing from her extensive experience within the non-profit and healthcare industries. Aside from her technical skills and talent she has the ability to explain complex ideas and tasks in way that is easy to understand and manageable. As a board member our agency faced very turbulent times. Sara was unanimously selected to lead us through these challenges, and I can never thank her enough for her commitment to uninterrupted client service, employee transition, community relations and especially her leadership following the numerous state and county regulations. We would have been lost without her.

Amanda MacLachlan, Board Member
Connections of CNY

Sara is a skilled and enthusiastic leader. My experience with Enable and Sara was as Education Director which dealt with Inclusive Pre-School Education for children with Developmental Disabilities. Sara's leadership and support led to the successful receipt of grants and in-kind services for children and families. Sara was instrumental in bringing children with autism back to the Syracuse area from Utica by starting a local program that served the needs of these children and families and reduced valuable travel time. There is no question Sara has the skills and abilities to take a task to a successful completion.

Philip Grajko
Retired Superintendent of Schools